yanx beat soxs!!!!!

hey guys sorry I was'not around. I went on vacation with Jacobb and my family for Spring Brake!!!!

but now i am back and the Yankes beat the bosstown Read Sox!

andy petit gave up three runs in 3 and onethird innings but hidecki matsuee had 3 are bee eyes and bobby abrayoo
had two are bee eyes.

Batrolo colon pitched for bosstown and gave up four runs in twothirds of an inning because he is really fat.

Hopefully this is a good sign becaue the readsox habve beeten the Yankes alot and hopefuly they wont win the world series again because that wuld be bad


Anonymous said...

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endyendy said...


WE WRIGHT (HAHAHAH) BETTER THAN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!