┴uÙá╫♣LETS GO METZ!@!!!!!!!!!!

the metz are underfeeted this seesun. winning scored 7-2- over the flourida marlons, yes ter day.

he is thee best pitcher, eva. johan santanan is. he strucks out 8 beters in the ining.

my frend http://metsmagicteam.blogspot.com/2008/04/carlos-beltran-faces-charges.html sais that beltrun is arrested, my the police in drink, ing last nite.

i dunt want him to go to jael becuz he is the METZ gratest playur eva.

david WRIGHT has three RIBIS on a hit yesturday. wooooooooo1!!!!!!!!!! he'is the best playur on the teem evur

todays the METZ have PERDO MARTEENEZ on the pitching mond and he will threw a purfect game. i make a preedictuns right now!!!



OMG!!1! LUK AT DA NEW PLACE OF METZ BASEBALLL CITY FELD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I red some where that the METZ lost to the Marlons by a scores of, 7 to five twoday in pt. saint lucy. some dood pichd the game who is no ones.

this suxx for the METZ becuz the METZ need, to win.

parenll pitchd for the METZ and did grate but then, the other people, like nelsun figuroah, and joe smith. let up THREE runs in each innings of baseball!!!!! THREE!!! EACH! :(:(:( i love the METZ but if the METZZ do this over s and overs they suxx and i dun wanna play with them nomor. i want tdem to win da wurl seeries so i can go, and see the game of the life.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAAHAHHAHA LUK AT THE FISH THNG HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHOHODAGHOSGHOGDHDGHAHHAHA the floridah marlons: are the wurst teem ever becuz they do not hav n e good playurs + they did trade them to sum otter team in a noter leeg.



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the new york yankes beat the blue jays!!!! they are from canada which means they are'not from america so i hate them. do they even speeak inglish there? i think they speak spaNish or something~!

eean kennedy pitched for the yanks but only went 4 and onethird innings. Why is he not pitching a full game? the Season is about to start and I do'not feel that there starters are prepaired enuf.

Joba chamberlin was just named to the bull's pen and made his first appearance out of the bull's pen tonight. in 1 inning he striked out the side the REAL JOBA IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! o ERA this year like i preedicted!!!

By the way the hats in that pickture is very ugly! why did the yankes play a collge team??? tHey are a professional baseball team so it's mean that they beat up aa team like that.



the metz are goin to win da wurl seeries. they beet the oreoles seven-o tonight as yohan santana shutout, the red birds. by 7.

OH!!!!!!!!! and jon main stiked out seven on the other day. like yohan did today. struck out 7.
so i thought about the season and, i thnk the metz r the best teem in the wurl. i lik how man e mexecos they have, and i like mexeco, food too.

heer is a pix i found of santanna-----
he'is the best picture in the leeg!!!!!!!!!!!

wen i go to the shea, game i will'not yell at santanna ever becuasehe is the best playur on the hole teem.he will hit20 HOMRES and picth on the same day



fill huge for the yankes gave up 6 erned runs against the pittsburg pirates. The pirates are'not any good but they hit 3 homeruns against him. hwat is going on?

last time huge pitched he gave up 4 runs to the cincinatee reds.

is he not a good pitcher? should yanx fans be worried?

caleb is worried. this is not good.

Be4 the game, the yanx announced that joba Chamberlin will begin the season in the bull's pen. The yanx have alot of young pitchers in their staff and want to rest them so they do'not get tired.

this is a grate move!!! He may not win 25 game like i predicted, but he'll have a 0 era in the bull's pen!



yanx beat soxs!!!!!

hey guys sorry I was'not around. I went on vacation with Jacobb and my family for Spring Brake!!!!

but now i am back and the Yankes beat the bosstown Read Sox!

andy petit gave up three runs in 3 and onethird innings but hidecki matsuee had 3 are bee eyes and bobby abrayoo
had two are bee eyes.

Batrolo colon pitched for bosstown and gave up four runs in twothirds of an inning because he is really fat.

Hopefully this is a good sign becaue the readsox habve beeten the Yankes alot and hopefuly they wont win the world series again because that wuld be bad


yanx finally win!!!!!!!

the yankes beat the minesota twins by the socre of 6-4 fill huge pitched a nohitter in 4 innings and the yankes all celebrated. he struck out 1 walked 2 and thru 57 piches.

key igawa from china walked 3 batters in 2 innigs

hoseay molina had 2 are be eyes and a duble. shelly dunkin hit another hit and is batting 500 this season. he is the best.

Joba chamberlin pitches tommorow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am so excited.


fill huge has jus thrown a nohitter vers the minesoda twins!!!!!!!