┴uÙá╫♣LETS GO METZ!@!!!!!!!!!!

the metz are underfeeted this seesun. winning scored 7-2- over the flourida marlons, yes ter day.

he is thee best pitcher, eva. johan santanan is. he strucks out 8 beters in the ining.

my frend http://metsmagicteam.blogspot.com/2008/04/carlos-beltran-faces-charges.html sais that beltrun is arrested, my the police in drink, ing last nite.

i dunt want him to go to jael becuz he is the METZ gratest playur eva.

david WRIGHT has three RIBIS on a hit yesturday. wooooooooo1!!!!!!!!!! he'is the best playur on the teem evur

todays the METZ have PERDO MARTEENEZ on the pitching mond and he will threw a purfect game. i make a preedictuns right now!!!

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I can't understand your writing?